Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Connection Day

It was dawn and I was about to drive down to the Ashram from Trivandrum. As I quickly scanned the morning newspapers,before I hit the road with my family, I was pleasantly surprised.All the prominent newspapers today carried pictures of Amma with a shovel working along with sevaks clearing the Ashram premises which was flooded due to a heavy downpour the day before. I thought :Oh what a birthday-eve celebration for Amma.Here She was toiling in the rain and slush,despite Her impossible schedules-- so that the premises were hospitable enough for her children coming in to Amritapuri for the birthday celebrations

As I entered the Ashram, what struck me was the expansiveness of the whole place --it looks a bit more spacious and festive with lovely canopies all around to protect Amma's children from the elements.While She would not hesitate to brave Nature in all its fury,She has ensured that all of us ,Her children, coming to the Ashram are not inconvenienced

As I started exchanging pleasantries with acquaintances whom I had lost touch for long, I realised that the birthday has become a focal point of connecting for hundreds of people who havent met for long--thanks to Amma's magnetic influence of bringing communities and peoples together.And while all of us are moving around doing multitude of tasks and enjoying the blissful atmosphere--for Amma it is one more day of selfless service.As thousands upon thousands queue for darshan,Amma flows on ceaselessly as She has been doing for the last 35 years .

For Mahatmas like Amma ,a birthday is not just another day of merriment and gaiety--it is a Connection Day.Guiding people not just to connect with each other;but subtly igniting the spark to connect with the Supreme

Sushil Kumar
26 sep 2006


Ananthasree said...

So beautiful....so true.

How lucky we all are to live at the same time Mother has graced this planet with a human birth! The gratitude is endless...

Happy Birthday Ma! Thank you for taking birth for the sake of your children.


amritha kripa said...